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My dear students:

I hope that in these short course you could have begun to learn about Spanish America culture. We have studied several topics regarding history, art, literature and music.

I wih you will go home with the idea of returning to Argentina some other time. I do appreciate a lot your company and do please keep in touch by mail for whatever reason you need to.

My best regards to you all.




Welcome to Artistic and Literature Culture in Spanish America blog.

I’m Dra. Patricia Nigro (that means I have a Ph. D. en Social Communication) and I’ll be your teacher.  I’ll teach you literature, a litte bit of history and geography and culture in general (that includes movies and tango music).

We’ll have an visiting teacher . Her name is Sylvia Carboni and she will show a little of  spanishamerican art to you.

Our objective is, after having studied with us for these months, that you will go back home eager to learn more about Spanish America.

And, of course, that you want to come back  to visit us many times.

We wish you lots  of hard work and fun at the same time. That’s the first lesson: Spanish America is a land of contradictions.

My email address is You can write to me whenever you need it or want it or like it.

Good luck to all of you and enjoy yourselves a lot.


Universidad Austral

Buenos Aires, Argentina